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Assured Science is a better system for research than the current system, which forces scientists to compete for funds and positions

The world has changed dramatically since Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago. That change is largely due to a method, the scientific method. It helps us find the objective streak in our subjective minds that Shakespeare so perceptively and vividly illustrated.

With this scientific method, any individual can find out the cause or explanation of any phenomenon or observation and convince another individual that it is valid, even if the two disagree on social, political, cultural, economic, or religious issues.

Therein lies the method’s power, the reason it has provided so much economic and life-style benefit to society, and why a career in science became mainstream and much sought after.

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What has pollination got to do with Assured Science

Assured Science, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is working to establish a new system for scientific research. This system enables scientists to self-sustain their research projects, on their own terms, for as long as they want, on any subject matter, and produce superior data most efficiently. Moreover, scientists would avoid all the funding, mechanism, and data problems normally encountered in the traditional system.

Although it is now designed to function as a satellite system to the traditional system, Assured Science could very well become the primary system in the future for both basic and applied scientific research because all data (not just those with economic value) would be highly validated, well integrated with other data in the field, and very organized for easy study.

The foremost task for Assured Science at this juncture is forming a good team of co-founders, advisers, and supporters. This team would be responsible for taking a new concept (for which a patent application has been filed) and developing it into a fully operational research system. Almost every step in this translation process would be an interesting experiment, as methods from different fields have to be adapted or new ones devised.

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The birth of a new system for scientific research

There is much talk today about the current and future state of scientific research enterprise in the U. S. Most of this talk is focused on increasing funding to improve its prospects. In my view, simply increasing funding without eliminating or mitigating other serious problems in the system hurts science more than it helps. That is because the quality of data - the goal and the end product of all research activities - would become worse than it is now.

The purpose of the new system, Assured Science (ASE), is to take care of all problems and make scientific research very efficient so that we can get more ‘bang for the buck.’ Imagine that with the funds already available we can greatly increase the number of scientists actively conducting research and help them generate vastly superior data in the most efficient way. ASE is designed to function as a satellite system to the traditional system and is based on a concept that combines the best and most advanced approaches, methods, and technologies from a diverse array of fields.

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