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If you are contributing money in exchange for Co-Ownership Stakes, please note that we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and that your contributions are tax-exempt. You could also contribute valuated work, time, or resources in exchange for Co-Ownership Stakes. If you are interested in Co-Ownership stakes, please click on the ‘START THE CO-OWNERSHIP STAKE PROCESS’ button on the right and submit the filled-out Registration Form.

If you would like to join as an Advisor, or in any capacity other than as a Co-Owner, please include a brief description of how you could help the effort in the message area on the right and attach your cv/resume.

If you are not sure how you could help but want to, or need further information, please let us know in the message area on the right and attach your cv/resume, if possible.

We’ll respond as quickly as possible, either through email, telephone, or personal meeting, as appropriate.

If you would need more information about our organization and effort or would like to refresh your memory from our videos, please use the appropriate link(s) below.


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