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The birth of a new system for scientific research

There is much talk today about the current and future state of scientific research enterprise in the U. S. Most of this talk is focused on increasing funding to improve its prospects. In my view, simply increasing funding without eliminating or mitigating other serious problems in the system hurts science more than it helps. That is because the quality of data - the goal and the end product of all research activities - would become worse than it is now.

The purpose of the new system, Assured Science (ASE), is to take care of all problems and make scientific research very efficient so that we can get more ‘bang for the buck.’ Imagine that with the funds already available we can greatly increase the number of scientists actively conducting research and help them generate vastly superior data in the most efficient way. ASE is designed to function as a satellite system to the traditional system and is based on a concept that combines the best and most advanced approaches, methods, and technologies from a diverse array of fields.

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