Why I Started – Cedric Wesley

"I have become a “Compelled Entreprenuer” after spending more than 35 years conducting scientific research. I was compelled to design a new, better, and bountiful system for scientific research and become an entrepreneur for developing it as an alternative to the current traditional system for scientific research that is beset with so many serious problems. Societies everywhwere deserve better returns for their investment in scientific research, which is the most effective means for separating reality from wishful-thinking. Today, more than at any time in the past, societies need a robust and vibrant scientific research system that is unsullied or unperturbed by anything other than objective data generated by experiments using the scientific method. You can read more about my transformation from a person obsessed with scientific experiments into a full time entrepreneur, as well as the rationale for this whole effort, at https://www.assuredscience.org/motivation/."

- Cedric Wesley