Ownership Stakes

Own this movement to Liberate Scientific Research from ...

unnecessary constraints, problematic processes, fleeting fashions, and socio-political disruptions

Our new system concept makes scientific research not only limitless, self-sustaining, and free-ranging but also produces the best collective data imaginable - every data set in every field validated in different contexts and integrated with related data by peers themselves in the normal course of their research activities.

We offer Ownership Stakes to private and autonomous individuals and organizations in exchange for loans (money, work, or resources) to assist in building the new system. Our goal is a broad and rolling public ownership of Assured Science that is committed to sustenance and expansion of the new research system into the future.

We also award Ownership Stakes to people providing owners from their social groups.

Scientific research should not be a limited privilege when it can be a plentiful resource for exploiting all available opportunities and delivering the maximum possible benefits to society.

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