Why I Joined – Nicole Davis

I am a recent graduate from FSU having received a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus on editing, writing, and media and a minor in data analytics. During my undergraduate program, I worked with a local non-profit to promote their projects through social media. I am excited to use those skills to help spread Assured Science's message.

I find myself fascinated by Assured Science's mission. I personally love community driven projects and believe that the electronic infrastructure, The Universe of Research Niches (TURN), is a great way of uniting research within the scientific community. I also believe that the TURN-based Assured Science system could be a good model for other fields to utilize in trying to unite their own research within a single database that is able to serve the community at large. I will be studying Library and Information Sciences soon during my master’s program, so a system that is able to make research and accessing data easier is of great interest to me for my future endeavors as well.

- Nicole Davis