Why I Joined – Sarah LaLiberte

"I am a technologist, dedicated to innovation in the area of big data. Having spent much of my career in technical marketing, I have seen the way data is put into siloes and want to help move us to a convention where we make information accessible, meaningful, and actionable. I can only begin to imagine the opportunities that exist if we open up our minds to the possibilities. Assured Science is taking the guesswork out of scientific data – creating a virtual global community where ideas can be whetted, resources can be maximized, and funding allocated based solely on the potential of success and merits of data. As we stand on the brink of so many scientific breakthroughs, I am confident that a new way of thinking – a true paradigm shift – is required in order to propel us into the next major era. I am thrilled to be part of the team supporting the change to make this a reality. Assured Science truly understands what is needed to maximize data usage in the scientific community, and I see applications expanding far beyond our imagination in the coming years."

- Sarah LaLiberte, Publicity and Marketing Specialist