Why I Joined – Jan Barlow

“Cedric’s energetic enthusiasm and keen scientific mind with decades of experience brings forth his vision to reinvent scientific research in a collaborative, sustainable direction.  His mission is as brilliant as the path he has laid before us to reach this meritorious goal.  Imagine a world where data is easily and openly shared while funding sources meet with researchers in the most pragmatic methods while peer reviews are lauded and sought after by all.  The experimental outcome of funding source biases will meet the light of day.  I believe the scientific community is responsible for more than just research, we are responsible for advocating the checks and balances to ensure a pure outcome for society without prejudice to making profits.

Assured Science will be a disruptive innovator in the scientific community affecting real change that will impact each and every citizen of the world.

While continued cuts in federal funding threaten to slow the pace of scientific progress and the scientific community is embroiled with the status quo processes and a history of funding a few companies, institutions and special interest groups, sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.  Let’s create a way for collaboration and level the playing field for all scientists to perform, begin and continue their work and give them a mechanism to share it with everyone.  Let’s provide an understanding of the scientific process to the general public, funding sources and politicians (currently 75% of our research is paid for by our government) so that smart decision-making, input and collaboration can transform both the outcome of our research and the volume of quality output we see in any given year, decade and century and regain the trust of our communities in science.

I am energized to see this monumental mission become a reality so that in our lifetime, we instill genuine, unadulterated curiosity back into the scientific community and our society where our questions lead to experimentation, which leads to truth and impactful answers.”

- Jan Barlow, Computer Scientist, Technologist, Writer and Mother