Why I Joined – Irina Agoulnik

"At the dawn of the 21st century The World Conference on Science (organized by UNESCO and ICSU, 1999) emphasized the fact that "scientific research and technological development have become more necessary than ever to solve some of the most pressing problems facing humankind", and called for a new level of commitment from scientists and funding organizations to further optimize scientific research that promotes human wellbeing and sustainable development.

Assured Science – a non-profit organization – is striving to answer this call by reimagining traditional science for the modern world, by addressing current limitations in science administration and propagation, and offering a new level of social engagement of science. Similarly to industry-based business entrepreneurship, this free-ranging and limitless scientific research enterprise aims to have an empowering socio-economic impact on the community through innovation and technology.

I am thrilled to be part of Assured Science’s innovative efforts to design and develop a unique organization that assures self-sustainable research for current and future generations of scientists while utilizing modern concepts, such as interdisciplinary and Big Data, and allowing for an early adoption and exchange of scientific data for the betterment of human well being and progress."

- Irina Agoulnik, Molecular Biologist, Businesswoman